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In case of emergency Phone 101 (Police)
Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom

What do you want to report?

Report what you've seen below. You can do this completely anonymously and you are not obliged to fill in your personal details. If you do provide them, they will only be made available to the authorized police services and handled in strict confidence.

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    We will only contact you if we need more information. If you share your personal details, you are no longer anonymous. Your details will be handled in strict confidence and only provided to the authorized police services.

    What exactly is suspicious?

    A suspicious situation is any situation that looks unusual to you. Have you spotted a suspicious person on the quay or at an office? Have you noticed someone you do or don't know acting suspiciously? If you feel that something is not completely right, it often isn't!

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    United for safer ports

    PortWatch is the Federal government's central reporting point for suspicious situations in and around Belgian ports. What is a suspicious situation? Any situation that you think is unusual.

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